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What are the requirements to be married in the Bahamas?

Legal requirements for all couples wishing to be married in the Bahamas:
  • Both parties must arrive in The Bahamas 24-hours prior to the ceremony, to apply for the marriage license. The Registrar General's Office is only open on business days (excluding Bahamian holidays and weekends).

  • For Legal Weddings, make sure to bring all necessary documentation with you to the Bahamas:
    Passports or Certified Copies of Birth Certificates
    Father's Full Name for both the Bride and Groom
    Valid Driver's License or Identification Card
    If Divorced, the Original Divorce Decree (must have notary's seal)
    Affidavit of Singlehood (obtained upon arrival)
    If widowed; the original death certificated with a notary seal.
  • For a Renewal of Vows ceremony you only need to bring:
    A copy of your Marriage Certificate

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  • Can I get married the same day as my arrival in The Islands Of The Bahamas?

    No, both parties must have resided in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas for no less than one day prior to the date of the application.
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    How do I make payments on my wedding package?

    Payments are handled through your wedding coordinator. Your specialist will determine a payment plan and provide you with a contract and details. Packages must be paid 6 months prior to your ceremony date.
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    How long will it take to get a marriage license?

    One (1) business day or within 24 hours., excluding Bahamian holidays.
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    Can I get a license the same day if I arrive by cruise ship?

    Yes, exceptions are made to individuals arriving by cruise ship, once you have met the 24 hour residency requirement and have your letter from the purser's office, signed by your ship's captain, confirming the same.
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    Would my marriage license be legal in my country?

    Yes, the Bahamas marriage license is a legal document issued by the Bahamas Government.
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    Can I apply for a marriage license by mail?

    No, both parties must be in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas at the time of the application.
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    Would I be able to use my marriage license from my country?

    No, only the Bahamian marriage license is legal in The Islands of The Bahamas.
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    Can my Pastor/Rabbi perform the wedding ceremony?

    No, however your Pastor may assist the local Pastor with the wedding ceremony.
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    Can I have a non-denominational or non-religious ceremony?

    Yes. Your consultant or marriage officer can show you a variety of options for a traditional, religious or strictly legal union.
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    I would like to get married in the Family Islands; do I need to come to Nassau for a marriage license?

    No, you can obtain a marriage license at the Administrator's office on that island.
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    Can I get married on the weekend?

    Yes, you can get married on Saturday or Sunday, provided you make application during the working days of Thursday or Friday.
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    Why do I need a certified copy of the marriage certificate?

    It is required by many lending institutions and insurance companies. Also if the wife now wishes to have a passport with the marriage surname.
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    Do I need a license for a Vow Renewal?

    No, you do not need a license for a Vow Renewal.
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    Can I rent wedding attire in The Bahamas?

    There are several stores offering complete rental attire. Please allow sufficient time to make those arrangements.
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    Are same sex marriages allowed in the Bahamas?

    The laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas does not recognize same sex marriages.
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    Are there any additional fees or taxes?

    Yes Government has implemented Valued Added Tax of 7.5% on all goods and services within the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.
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